Weather Changes and How I Feel Today. Top of Head Painful

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Since I was in mid twenties after my accident, weather changes , especially temp lowering near or below freezing  brought about all kinds of pain. Others, even family would back then it was nothing. As I past my thyirtues and got yet older, then they would say’Oh , it’s just cause you’re aging, we all have aches and pains” … That may be true, I work out almost daily just to maintain my current health, not to get worse..

I understand their points but . some days are so bad when weather changes, I crawl from one room to the next.
Right now the top of my head is sensitive to touch as if it was bruised. When not touched, it feels as if somebody is pressing down on the top of my head. Its a pain located perpendicular to a line drawn between the two ears.

Summers are great with temps. Move to the south if you can…you won’t slip on ice, you’ll be more flexible, wobn’t ghet the detrimental effects of freezing weather as an arm or leg shaking out of control or the arm going into a cradle position or hand balling up unable to use … Stay Warm.

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