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    Home Care and Safety, associated conditions, problem areas, treatment options, behavioral, emotional consequences, realistic goals, future expectations, resources, brain training, safety practices, Rehabilitation exercises, are covered. Provided for readers is a safety checklist that is so helpful in setting up a safe environment at home and rehab throughout daily activity. Understanding conditions with safety, care, rehabilitation at home, ongoing communication of those affected is the primary focus.
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A stroke occurs when the blood supply to your brain is interrupted or reduced. This deprives your brain of oxygen and nutrients, which can cause your brain cells to die.
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A stroke occurs when the blood supply to your brain is interrupted or reduced. This deprives your brain of oxygen and nutrients, which can cause your brain cells to die. A stroke may be caused [More]
Stroke is loss of functioning of brain cells due to interruption of blood flow or bleeding within the brain.
We have seen a lot of patients with neurological problems like stroke and to tell you very frankly, stroke is mainly treated by physiotherapy once it occurs because in stroke what happens is there is [More]

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