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Two years ago I had a stroke. I detail my recovery and losing 75 pounds. See more of my story on Instagram: @helphil
Experiencing a stroke at any level of severity is life-altering, not just for patients but for the people who love and care for them. At MossRehab, we understand deeply the challenges facing patients and their [More]
Ken Sales, rehabilitation patient at Baptist Health Rehabilitation Institute in Little Rock, uses ArmeoSpring therapy in stroke recovery.
Our Stroke Recovery program is designed to provide comprehensive acute inpatient rehab services and medical management to meet the needs of individuals who have had a stroke and their families. The therapy team follows practices [More]
Post Stroke Recovery program is offered by 9zest to people effected with brain stroke.
Charity Checketts comforts her father with gentle embraces, which he does not want to end.
Click Here’s+about+walking+to+your+goals to view more about stroke rehabilitation – it’s about walking to your goals at age 22, stephanie suffered a stroke that left her paralyzed and unable to speak. she had just become [More]
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