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    Home Care and Safety, associated conditions, problem areas, treatment options, behavioral, emotional consequences, realistic goals, future expectations, resources, brain training, safety practices, Rehabilitation exercises, are covered. Provided for readers is a safety checklist that is so helpful in setting up a safe environment at home and rehab throughout daily activity. Understanding conditions with safety, care, rehabilitation at home, ongoing communication of those affected is the primary focus.
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Stroke paralysis patient improve after physiotherapy.age 85 year.
Physiotherapy management of stroke patient at home .patient walking on his house after 15 days. Age 85 up.
“Famous” Physical Therapists Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck present “High Tech” Rehab 12X Better for Stroke Patients? Check out FitMi for Neurological Impairments. FitMi is available at this link Make sure to like Bob [More]
To prevent a gap that occurs post-stroke in the disabled shoulder, here is a taping method taught by our physical therapist to help with this.
My father suffered a brain stroke 10 days ago and has been recovering since. He lost strength in his right arm so he’s been working on getting it back. Here he is with the physical [More]
My name is Ankit Gupta, and I am a stroke survivor. Fortunately, I am also a Physiotherapist and was in active practice much before my stroke professional Physiotherapist and stroke patient, My approach to [More]
http://VAST.Rehab is a fully-featured virtual reality rehabilitation system with the flexibility to work for everyone from small physiotherapy practices to the largest hospitals in the world. Vast.Rehab is easy to learn and use, making it [More]
83-year-old woman stroke six years, has shown a fist-shaped hands. 2011 11 menstrual months intermittent therapy, in addition to the legs to walk freely, stroke the hand can give another hand nails. Contact info., [More]
Our treatment center has a rehabilitation program for post stroke patient where we use a combination of physiotherapy and acupuncture that makes our treatment more effective and unique. We also provide accommodation and daycare services [More]
This video is told through the eyes of Cody’s grandparents who were with Cody everyday of his recovery while in Florida. At one point Cody could not walk, feed himself or care for basic needs. [More]

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