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Cadence is an innovative shoe designed to improve the gait of people with foot drop. Its unique internal mechanism allows the user to walk more safely and comfortably without having to dedicate so much attention [More]
Brain injury (concussion) and dyskinesia (drop foot) remarkable recovery with the help of chiropractic!
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Get a great deal on eBay: The Ossur Afo Light provides necessary support only where it is needed thus eliminating unnecessary bulk and providing a cosmetically appealing look. Utilizing the best of “flex-foot” technology [More]
XFT G3 Foot Drop System helps the patient lift the toe while walking, which makes him walk more steadily and naturally. Visit for more info.
Get a great deal on eBay: This board was designed to freeride, downhill or cruise with style. The sld’s unique shape and drop mold were crafted to be extra responsive to the rider’s commands. [More]
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