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To learn more about outpatient rehabilitation at Ohio State, visit A cerebellar stroke left Rose with a long list of deficits. Following her initial hospital stay and inpatient rehabilitation at Dodd Hall, she began [More]
To learn more about in-patient rehab at Ohio State, visit For out-patient services, visit Following a cerebellar stroke, Rose faced a large number of physical and emotional challenges. Yet the inpatient and outpatient [More]
Don’t miss a cerebellar stroke! It’s elusive and frequently missed. Follow these simple assessment procedures to more easily recognize which patient with a complaint of vertigo may be at risk for cerebellar infarction.
Welcome to Soton Brain Hub – the brain explained! In our latest video, Scott describes the types of symptoms to expect in patients with cerebellar pathology. Subscribe for more videos! Images were reproduced with kind [More]
Important clinical feature of cerebellar dysfunction
Cardinal signs include vertigo, headache, vomiting, and ataxia diagnosis management of acute cerebellar infarction. Cerebellar infarction is an important cause of stroke that often presents with common and non specific symptoms such as dizziness, nausea [More]

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