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Can vision be restored after a stroke [ 5 exercises to help restore your vision]

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In this video we have shown how you can restore your vision after strong, exercise etc , watch the video for details.
watch this video for details, ,
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below is the text version of the video
Can vision be restored after a stroke

Stroke cause loss or impaired vision among other effect it has on the body, many people are left with complete or partial vision loss after a stroke, but however this can be reverse through exercise and effort to retrains the visual brains,, however you can follow the exercise below to restore your loss vision:
• Pencil exercise: this is an exercise to improve and restore eye ability to focus on object, to do this here is what you should do, keep a pencil at at least 20 inches away from your eye, , moving it back and forth, sideways, back and front without moving your head while focusing both your two eye on it , repeat it for about 10 to 15 times a day. Close one eye and repeat the process, do same to the other eye.
• Letter search: this is aim to help your eye to pick vision quickly , get a friend to arrange some alphabet for you randomly and ask you to pick a particular one.
• Look through the figure eight: make a large image of figure eight, keep it at about
20 inch away from your eye, look through it from top to tail , repeat it for about 10 to 15 times daily.
• Computer eye game: there are many free eye games that free they are made improve vision, have time to play does games, repeat this games as often as possible.
• When you have a stroke , the brain had lost some of it ability to interpret a visual element, it is now you r duty to aid the brain to recover back, doing the above exercise will not only restore your vision , but it is also fun. Get time to practice any one of the above eye exercise to improve your eye vision.

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