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Treatment of right foot drop with compression of peroneal nerve

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Patient is having right foot drop with compression of peroneal nerve and her treatment is stimulation, strengthening exercises, balancing exercises, proprioception exercises, treademill, squatting.

Dr. Ketan Bhatikar (PT)
Ph.D Research Scholar (Spain)
Medical Director, SPARC
BPT, MPT (Ortho & Sports) MIAP,
Special Invitee & Medical Director of
Goa Cricket Association affiliated by BCCI
IAP General Secretary & Ex-Ranji Physiotherapist

Call: +91 8605340003 / 8322319425
WhatsApp: +91 915 899 9363
Facebook Page: @DrKetanBhatikar
Twitter: @KBhatikar
Instagram: @bhatikarketan


pantsongrnd says:

I was doing a lot of squatting down and strenuously work 5 days ago. Noticed my foot went numb. Now I have slight numbness on my outside ankle and wraps around the foot to the big toe. I can’t raise toes or foot. No pain. I won’t be able to see a doctor for at least a couple of weeks. What Can I do in the meantime? I am nervous I will be stuck like this. Any info will much appreciated!

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