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    Home Care and Safety, associated conditions, problem areas, treatment options, behavioral, emotional consequences, realistic goals, future expectations, resources, brain training, safety practices, Rehabilitation exercises, are covered. Provided for readers is a safety checklist that is so helpful in setting up a safe environment at home and rehab throughout daily activity. Understanding conditions with safety, care, rehabilitation at home, ongoing communication of those affected is the primary focus.
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This is the story of Matthew Wuchich, poster child for the AHC Foundation, who suffers from the rare disease Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood. UNC Journalism student Elizabeth Ligon (now Tate) created this as a senior [More]
Transient ischemic attack (tia) medications webmd . , . . . . Your doctor will probably prescribe several medicines after you have had a transient ischemic attack (tia). Medicines to prevent blood clots are here [More]
Dr. Richard D. Zorowitz, Associate Professor of PM&R and Chair of the Department of PM&R at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, presents some of the advances in stroke rehabilitation, including: Browse Read Online or [More]
Stroke Rehabilitation Ipoh Perak
Gordon suffered the consequences of a dissected artery, which sent a clot to his right brain causing tissue death and swelling. He is left left-side hemiplegic, with some movement in his left hip & leg. [More]
Testing of a 61SF with relatively huge 15×7 prop. Fuel: 20% Castor 5% Nitro Carburetor: OS 60B with high speed needle from OS 40B Mid range needle is fully closed. Genesis throttle 1-piece pipe. This [More]
In July 2012 a group of young people with hemiplegia got together to discuss, plan and film a short video called “Living with Hemiplegia”. They also made other videos hoping they will be useful to [More]
The Heart and Stroke Foundation’s 2011 Stroke Month Report warns that awareness levels of stroke warning signs and stroke prevention is dangerously low, . DENIAL PUTTING CANADIANS AT HIGH RISK OF CUTTING THEIR LIVES SHORT [More]
The first three hours for someone who is experiencing a stoke is the most critical, often referred to as the golden window.

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