These Are Various Peak Tips To Help You Out If You've Broken Your Foot

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This is going to be a moderately personal post, as I recently broke my foot and I was thinking that it would be good to have received some information on what to do. This isn't going to deal with any medical advice- clearly if you have damaged any bones you must seek emergency hospital treatment. But what you may not realize is if you have damaged your leg or your foot and you are in a cast and hobbling around on crutches, a lot is going to change in your life over the next six weeks. So here is some guidance and natural remedies if you have all of a sudden gone from being bipedal to one-legged.

First of all, you should know that being on crutches is a major agony in the butt. It’s physically extraordinarily uncomfortable to get around on one leg and 2 arms. We're glaringly not built for that, and you are going to be sore for the initial few days. My arms and shoulders were sore from all of a sudden having to bear my body weight, and I reckon That I really predicted that. What I did not expect was that my stomach would get sore. Initially I could not figure out why it was sore, but then I spotted that having to hold up the leg with the cast is really a strain on the belly muscles. After 1 or 2 days that went away too. So you can basically develop some stomach, arm, shoulder and back muscles as a result of your injury. And do not worry, the aches will depart after just a few days.

In the past week since I first broke my foot, I've purchased a couple of things that have truly helped, so I presumed I’d share them with you as well:

  • Amazon Prime- I signed up for Amazon Prime and it's one of the best things I could have done. For $79 a year, it is easy to get free 2 day shipping on Amazon items. Why would you need this just because you've broken your foot or leg? One thing I didn't understand is that when you are using crutches, you can’t carry anything. This is not only a difficulty when desiring to carry a cup of tea into the lounge to look at Television, it makes shopping unheard of. Even if you are ready to go to the store, push a cart around and get your items to the car with assistance, now you've still got to get them within when you get home. It is exhausting and can be perilous if you are attempting to lug items into the house on crutches and finish up falling. With Amazon Prime I'm getting everything sent right to my door, and I haven't got to pay shipping! Like it! One particular thing to note when doing searches on is that you can check a box to incorporate only vendors who participate in Amazon Prime and will ship freely. This is a very important note as not everyone on the site will ship free.
  • Knee pads- I'm still too frightened to use crutches going up and back down my stairs (perhaps because this is where the accident happened). It’s really not that hard to go up and back down the steps on my knees, but I did notice that my knees were starting to be painful. Therefore I ordered some knee pads, and Problems unravelled! Mine have Velcro on the back so I will easily fasten and unfasten them. You most likely do not need knee pads that you slip over your foot because you won't be in a position to get them over your cast.
  • Shower boot- Though your damaged member will be locked inside a cast for six weeks and will not be in a position to be washed, there’s still the remainder of the your body. But naturally you can't get your cast wet, so what’s an injured person to do? Buy a shower boot to put over your cast. I got mine at the local drugstore (the last one) but you can get them online too. It is a bag that fits over the cast and has a rubberized top to prevent water from dribbling in. You can shower or wash with, but if you take a bath, I would not recommend submerging the leg with the cast. It is water-proof, but let’s face it, this is no time to scuba.
  • Rolling stool- Standing round the kitchen attempting to cook, clean or make a cup of tea was getting very hard on my standing leg. I ordered a little rolling stool on wheels and it’s made a massive difference. I'll now scoot around the kitchen easily and preparing meals is a breeze. I got mine for roughly $60. It can be listed as a massage stool too. By the way, Amazon prime came in extraordinarily convenient here. I had called around to over 15 stores to try and go pick one up, but nobody really had it in the store. There are plenty of net stores that carry it though and I got free two day shipping on it.
  • Local produce delivery- I was really already getting a local goods delivery from a company called PlanetOrganics, but it was every other week. It’s a selection of organic, local goods that gets brought to my house. I upped the. Delivery time to each week, and I'm adding items to it like my milk and even protein. Having my groceries brought to my door each week is an incredible help.
  • Temporary handicap parking pass- If one of your lower extremities becomes incapacitated you are able to receive a temporary handicap parking pass. For anyone that is studying how to hobble around a brand new set of crutches, this can be a good tool in helping you try to live as unexceptional life as you can. You will need to get the form from your doctor and have him or her sign it. Then take it to your local DMV and they'll issue it to you on the spot. I did not even have to make a web reservation- I just went to the DMV. They let handicapped people use the same line as folks with a reservation, so just walk right on up!
  • Cleaning service- getting a cleaning service to help round the house is critical during this time. It isn't possible for me to drag washing and sheets up and back down my steps, so I want someone to help. Also, trying to clean my place right now is almost impossible. Glad to spend the cash to have somebody help me.

I hope that all these tips and tools help anybody out who has recently broken a foot or a leg or anyone that finds themselves on crutches. Happy Thanksgiving everybody and let us be thankful for the health that we do have!

Jemlou Clark is a health fan who loves to share Prosper Organics and healthy living info. Read on her article about natural remedies for broken foot.

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