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Top 5 Most Effective Tips for Hemiparesis LIving

 1. ) Listen and follow the health professionals trained to help you, the doctors, physical therapists, occupational therapists, counselors, … There is an enourmous body of knowledge available to these professions from helping injured people as you and I .Whatever you do the first year after injury is SO important. Listen.

2.) Keep the weight off. Lesson Learned. It makes a significant difference not only in the speed and effectiveness of your recovery but as you age , it can prevent serious issues . You also will be safer.

3.) Stretch and exercise almost daily . If you need a break, just stretch one day like Sundays. In the begining after injury, you will optimize recovery as much is possible. As the years pass, you don’t want to decline in health nor movement and your safety. So strectch ;legs, arms , torso, mid section, and exercise your mind too even with simple brain games, Mazes, crosswords, puzzles, brain entrainment MP3s or CDs with emphasis on increasing focus and concentration.

4.) I found that heat daily helped me immensely. Individuals would want to check with their doctor first of course. For me ,it was heavenly, in a gym , the jacuzzi, hot water spa with jets or the sauna and even the steam room .

5.) Water. Movement in the swimming pool can be miraculous. Even just swinging arms and walkling but if you can kick your legs by holding on to the side of the pool or even swim , it can be rejuvanating for movement, energy and make this a LIFELONG HABIT.