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Concussion Treatment: Healing Cellular Level Injury of Head Trauma by Brady Martin Collins

As we all know, when a person will meet an accident while playing, concussion symptoms will be experienced. But without our due knowledge, what affects these symptoms is the imbalance of the cellular level of the brain. Our brain is composed of thousands of fibers and houses millions of cells.

When you are into sports, you are always moving rapidly which makes you a man and woman on the go. But without you knowing it, when you accidentally trip your head into a heavy object or into the ground, the cerebrospinal fluid is affected. This fluid has a crucial role in protecting the brain inside the skull. If the cerebrospinal fluid is being displaced due to the rapid movement when you trip down, axons including your capillaries can be damaged. The force that impacts into your head may cause the shearing and bursting of the blood vessels in your brain.

When this happens, the biochemical level of the brain’s nature is also changing. Cognitive function is becoming abnormal due to the rush of ions and neurotransmitters automatically automated by the brain. Experts have observed that during this imbalance, the level of calcium is also going on and off as it rushes in and out of the cells body. The first hand effect of fiber shearing after blood vessels ruptured inside the head is bleeding. Blood clotting will follow afterwards as a normal reaction of the body when there is a wound. It will also cause the swelling of the glial cells because basically they buffer the abnormalities in the chemical level of the brain.

During the concussion treatment, blood clots are being thinned first to solve the issue of oxygen rich blood supply blockage. If the blood supply of the brain is lacking, the energy supply will also dwindle; neurotransmitters that are produced by the brain to stop the imbalance will also reach its limit—toxic level.

The decrease of blood flow heavily affects the development of concussion because without the enough supply of glucose towards the neurons of the brain, abnormal functions could be triggered. Anticoagulants are needed in order to avoid further complications like stroke and toxicities of the brain.

Brain pathways are like internal wiring of a computer, if it gets disconnected, the signal is also lost. Tissue and cellular level of the brain should be monitored carefully especially if the person has experienced a heavy and serious impact. Symptoms may not be upfront but they could lead to post concussion syndrome due to a sustained mild head trauma. Get the right concussion treatment and always put in mind that prevention is still the most excellent cure of all time.

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I am a dedicated writer and blogger for concussion treatment. I believe that every person who suffers from brain injury deserves another chance to regain their intelligence by getting the right concussion therapy. My advocacy about concussion prevention is based on my own experience in my family. I am always sympathetic to people who suffered from this traitorous brain damage