Soaking my Legs In Hot Tub, Jacuzzi for almost hour

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Wow, this is so good for me.  At first it doesnt feel any stronger. My legs are weaker it seems and the hort water makes me sleepy. I had to use two arms on the rails to lift myself up the stairs, out of the jacuzzi.

Later that night, there was a spongyness to the legs. I especially noticed it at the knees an ankles.

My gait seemed longer, people remarked :”slow down”  ,.. Of course , I felt the difference. A day after now the most recent soak andII an reminded of what I have known for years, the powerful almost miraculous effect of hot water jets  and just being in water. Sure its great to kick my legs in this feeling of weightless ness but just the motion of the jets seems to help.

The hard part is getting there. People just dont have access to jacuzzis in there home nor is it safe to be alone in your home in a tub as this anyway ,,, but there are gyms or clubs as the ymca or golds gym where for 1 a day or a little more, you can use the pools or jacuzzis, hot tubs etc…

A friend hurt his ankles early in life and swears by this as he actuallu goes in twicew a day, 10 minutes in morning and 10-15 minutes at night.

Another great benefit from this is the warmth it gives my body for hours afterward. I mean by this that the detrimental effects of freezing weather is minimized. I’m actually in a calm state afterward for some tinme, stil enjoying the heated water.

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