Mirror Box Therapy & NEUROPLASTICITY Following Stroke

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Mirror box therapy can be utilized in conjunction with other therapies to help stroke patients retrain their brain, regain function and improve their overall quality of life. When a stroke patient puts his weakened hand in the mirror box, and moves his strong hand, the mirror provides a reflection of the stronger hand, thus giving the illusion that movement is occurring in the hand affected by the stroke. This activates mirror neurons in the premotor cortex of the brain. In other words, the mirror tricks the mind and the weak hand into working better. Studies have shown that patients who have used Mirror Box Therapy show an improvement in motor function and in the rewiring of the brain.

Neuroplasticity refers to the potential of the brain to reorganize by creating new neural pathways to adapt. This reorganization allows for positive functional improvements after a stroke. The brain is more flexible than we’ve ever thought before and it is constantly optimizing itself. It has the potential to reorganize itself by transferring cognitive abilities from one area to another. After a stroke, for instance, your brain can reorganize itself to move functions to undamaged areas. Mirror Box Therapy takes advantage of this potential.

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