I have been dizzy lately more and I know Why

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No I”m not saying I know why medically at the microscopic level or anything. I can feel the difference in my balance when
I don’t exercise regularly especially in the water. This job I took has much to be appreciated and its been goos overwall people wise and work wise but since taking it,  my health degraded because I could nolonger spend the time daily on my own PM , being in the water or gym. I literally survived physically from week to week. The work difficulty is nothing comparatively to just getting all those hrs in.

Tip: Take a job less demanding or less of a salary if you must work, certainly something you like to do, just remember your physical therapy is a life long maintenence program. You may or may not ever be the great flexible gymnast or muscle builder but without exercise, you’ll get worse, like I have and the road to get back is tuff, especially as we age.So don’t ever stop your exercise program … and diet. Keep the weight off.

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