I need more sleep it seems

Maybe it is the quality of sleep but I feel tired alot. When  I’m tired, the effects of the hemiparesis are worse. My foot drags more, I sometimes slur my words and thinking is not so fast. I am aware of the change and see peoples reaction but what can I say. I just minimize talk when I’m tired and social contact. It stinks.

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Hemiparesis Living Care, Rehabilitation Recovery, Safety: Includes Care for living with : One Side Partial Paralysis or Muscle Weakness, Footdrop or Spasticity resulting from Head Injury or Stroke
Home Care and Safety, Rehabilitation exercises,associated conditions, problem areas, treatment options, behavioral, emotional consequences, realistic goals, future expectations, resources, brain training and safety practices are covered. Safety and care at home of those affected is the primary focus. This book compiles researching current health care practices emphasizing safety with reviewing valuable lessons learned and studied in over 30 years since the author 'awoke' from a coma, revealing his own partial paralysis or hemiparesis and beginning the road back through rehabilitation and subsequent successful life an an engineer and self growth author