Clutter Free May Save Your Life

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I learned the hard way that anything on the floor or outside is more than simply an obstacle. My balance was shaky after the injury , and instead of walking naturally, I was placing one foot down carefuly. Anything , I mean anything, even a pencil on the floor that got under my leg was an immediate concern for me going down to the floor , fast.

If I see a cluttered area now in my home or in public, I stay away. It really is life threatening. I can go down fast but I’m thankful that I learned to keep things clutter free. Shoes taken off before bed can not be anyplace I’ll step on them. When I wake up in the night or morning, I am half asleep, thats when its worse. nd if there are small ones around, It’s vital to keep toys put away…

Lesson Leaned from bruises. By the way the damaged side heals much slower for me, maybe you too….

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Hemiparesis Living Care, Rehabilitation Recovery, Safety: Includes Care for living with : One Side Partial Paralysis or Muscle Weakness, Footdrop or Spasticity resulting from Head Injury or Stroke
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