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What Can You Expect After Head Trauma Injury- The Symptoms and Recovery Process

Head Trauma Injury usually takes place in an event of sudden severe blow or a wound to the head. In such an event there are high chances that the brain has been affected too. Therefore, it’s quite crucial to immediately seek for a medical professional who can attend the wounded, evaluate the extent of traumatic head injury and take proper action.


The traumatic head injury symptoms can vary to quite an extent. In case of a mild injury, the patient may become disoriented, dazed or unconscious for few minutes. In some of the cases, individuals may experience headache, lose some memory or find it hard to concentrate. They may feel nauseated, depressed, moody, anxious or become sensitive to light. Besides, they may even suffer from clumsiness, insomnia or feel drowsy.

On the other hand, those who suffer severe traumatic head injuries can remain unconscious for hours to come. They cannot be awakened, and once awake they may display dramatic behavioral patterns, feel confused, experience severe headaches, feel nauseated and will keep on vomiting. They may even get seizures. Their pupils may become dilated or blown and may have a clear fluid leaking out of their nose and ears.

In case of children, the symptoms can be quite different as kids usually can’t express their symptoms. If they are small babies, they may cry incessantly, become irritable, and might not want to be nursed. Besides, their sleeping pattern might change. In case of older kids, they may no more show interest in the things they used to love and might display signs of depression. They may even find it hard to pay attention.

Head Trauma Injury Recovery Process

Once the patient has undergone the treatment for internal injury, he/she might have to go through a recovery process. In case of a mild injury, one needs to take rest for some days and take medications for headaches. However, keep in mind that though the injury might be mild, one still needs to take proper care of the patient and keep an eye on his condition. The doctor will let you know when the patient will be able to return to his normal activities.

Those who have suffered severe head injuries need rehabilitation. This process begins even before the patient is dispatched from the hospital. He needs to continue inpatient or outpatient rehabilitation services. Below listed are some of the professionals that might help the patient while under rehabilitation:

  • Pathologist- He specializes in language & speech and helps in recovering the communications skills of the patient.
  • Occupational Therapist- Helps the patient in learning daily tasks.
  • Physical Therapist- Helps in making the patient learn regain his balance and how to walk again.
  • Psychiatrist/Neuropsychologist- Helps patient improve his psychological, emotional & behavioral skills.
  • Vocational Counselor- Helps patients to find job or return back to work.
  • Physiatrist- Basically a physician, who watches over the recovery & rehabilitation of the patient. He/she may work with nurse that specializes in trauma head injury. This particular nurse may even work with the family of the patient and acts as a link between the patient’s support team members.