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Brain Fog

I wrote an article for others years after the injury. You can Find it at Brain Fog

However for head injured victims as me at least, I needed to spend much time and get help from others. I certainly was not afraid to seek doctors and health experts, nutritionists advice. Elderly people may experience brain fog but I wasd experiencing it in my twenties and thirties, even.

Phosphatidylseprine (PS) is  the most effective supplement I have found and have received many referrals. It can be found in Neuro PS Gold . It can be found at a few places, or .

Diet and exercise of coursse, read my article

Neuro PS Gold is better than just Neuro PS. There is single, double, triple strength .

Relatively expensive but the two places I mentioned run buy 2 for 1 specials every month at least

It Works , (better than many supplements including focus factor)

Read my article at Brain Fog