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Treadmill Training Stroke (and Hemiparesis) Patients

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By Tim Gorman

treadmill training strokeStroke victims are getting treadmill training to increase their recovery and ability to walk better. Treadmill training stroke reha for patients is not a new theory, but is becoming more popular with physical therapists. A recent study of patients with the therapy is called gait training strategy for patients who have suffered a stroke. This form of treadmill training stroke rehabilitation for  patients is intended to increase walking speed.

The theory is based on sport physiology training where the speed of the treadmill is administered in progressive treadmill training combined with conventional physical therapy training and neuromuscular treatments. Conventional Rehabilitation therapy has proven ineffective in restoring the normal stride or gait to many individuals who have suffered from a stroke. Trying to rehabilitate these individuals by traditional means was proven to have major short comings. These means did not restore a normal smooth walk.

A clinical study was conducted to test and refine a specific protocol using treadmill training stroke rehab for stroke victims with hemiparesis (partial paralysis or weakness on one side of the body). The purpose of the study was to provide clinical data that this type of treadmill training would improve certain aspects of the walking ability of stroke patients.

The study would determine conclusively whether the speed training on the treadmill will restore what researchers call “volitional gait” to victims of a stroke. The study identified that there were certain ways that people who were not stroke victims walked versus the stride or gait of those individuals who were in fact suffering some paralysis as a result of a stroke. The differences in the gait were considered walking deficiencies.

At the end of the study, there were specific gains for the stroke victims that included:

*Added strength – Increasing strength improves gait

*Increased coordination – Repetitive actions retrain the brain

*Gait Improvement – Stride of patients improved to near normal levels
There is a direct correlation between muscle strength and maximum gait

*Kinematics – In human movement, Kinematics is described as the science of motion.

* Walking endurance – Increased strength improved the cardiovascular system

*Overall improvement in quality of life: Patients were able to walk securely and
safely performing everyday tasks

The promise of the study that providing the speed training using a treadmill will orient the muscles of the legs with the rapid movement. By repeating this treadmill exercise process on a daily basis the mind and body would benefit in concert by the repetitive movements.

The strength of the limbs improved because of the exercise on the treadmill. Sport physiology training was used. Sports physiology emphasizes rehearsing the body for actions.

This technique of sprinting to start the treadmill therapy was used to acclimate the patients to the equipment. The speed was then increased progressively. The same basic principals worked to stimulate the motor skills of the patients in the study. The coordination of the patients improved by re teaching the limbs to react to certain stimulus.

These exercises that the stroke patients were involved in were considered task oriented exercise. These types of exercises explore a new way to improve the gait of stoke victims. The treadmill program emphasized safety of the patients. It was very important to insure that the patients did not overtire themselves as they may have had other medical issues that needed to be considered.

The basic premise presented is that a person who has suffered from a stroke has a different speed of walking than a normal non stroke victim. So by giving the stroke victim a daily task oriented immersion is strength training of the limbs on the treadmill, the limbs became stronger and thereby increase or improved the the maximum gait speed. So a direct correlation was made between muscle
strength and the gait.

The study offers a new way for stroke victims to regain a level of mobility and offers far reaching implications in the treatments that can improve the quality of life.

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