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Precautions and Safety for Head Injured who are More Vunerable to Identity Theft, Scams and Money Handling Isues

Safety for head injured is so important  even in simple activities. So much is available for things as shower and bathroom safety, adaptations for daily activities as driving or for employment plus of course quad canes, walkers, regular canes and even wheel chairs. For therapy, there are experts who can help us with physical therapy, occupational therapy even psychologically. However, an important aspect of life is in financial matters handling money, saving, spending without thinking clearly and possibly worse is care of financial and personal information not only for the injured but nearby caretakers or relatives , even friends.


I can tell you from experience of making mistakes with money funds and decisions that are not clear I have lost money to scammers and made well lets just say they seem stupid buying decisions.


You can tell some head injured as myself cautions or warnings how to protect information or money safe, yet people or marketing in emails, phonecalls , tv ads even all are skilled or well prepared to separate people from their money. This can happen to anyone of course but head injured especially.

Hand written notes so they don’t answer solicitors at front door or God forbid, even let them in the house.  An example is when a couple people posed as utility dressed workers wanted to enter a home because they were receiving signals in the office   that showed huge power consumption leaks and  needed to check wiring in an electrical box.. While one person talked to the head injured keeping them distracted, the other went through the house getting valuables and personal information of others in the household.


This is just an example of what has happened and could happen. But there are several other ‘front doors ‘ that scammers use. They will use email, regular postal mail and even public options as radio and tv are threats too.


Some precautions are as listed above to keep notes available as reminders not to let others into the home always say something as I have to talk to my spouse or a relative or close friend first before making a decision etc.


For email , software some free from providers can filter many types of scam emails but some ‘fishing’ scam emails still get through. When a head injured as I see these banks or well known websites asking to verify information by logging in  just clicking a link or calling a toll free number; we don’t always think clearly and some may fall for these scam emails.


We can put phone numbers on a do not call list that the government provides but unscrupulous scammers still will call. Always better to include reminders not to give out info or have to confide in another first.


We can’t stop the mail from being delivered but family members or an authorized caretaker can share a post office box where mail can be viewed.


The previous items addressed scammers but day to day there are simple things as keeping money wallet put away. It s difficult to tell a head injured to care for wallet or credit cards out in public places. I have left my wallet on top of an atm and walked away a couple times!

It happens. I’ve taken my bank card out of wallet  put in slacks and sometimes if I’m lucky the dry cleaners has it attached to my clothes.

I’ve found my credit card in a machine at the laundry mat or under a car seat and never knew it was missing.


These are just some items but the point of posting is to create extra attention not only for us head injured but for the people around us.


Bless You



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