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My Holiday Weekend In the Gym and at Home Ongoing Head Injury Physical Exercise

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At first it sounds like a bad weekend… While everyone’s out traveling or having cook outs, parties,I’m spending time exercising, stretching out, straightening up the house.

But you see I’m still recovering from what seems my annual slip in physical condition (from the colder months)  it seems as I’m stuck in the office too much, not getting enough  exercise. I miss the water , walking in the water seems so boring yet it does so much good the rest of the week. When I can get in daily like now on a 4 day weekend, Its so so much better. I dont drag my foot as much, which is great cause that causes me to fall forward , yes even now after years of rehabilitation or Head Injury Physical Exercise. I just call it PM now, my preventative maintenance program. I go to the gym off hours when its not crowded and I can move slowly not getting in peoples way and them not getting in my way . Others leave things on floor, which is just too dangerous for me. The clutter means I can trip at any second, constantly watching where I step

Anyway back to my holiday weekend. Yes after years I ‘ve got a good job I like but I think I like it too much for my health. Over the past year, I’ve spent too much time at my ‘desk job’ and not enough on Head Injury Physical Exercise, I’ve done well for them but my movement is slower, I’m getting a deformity in my left arm as it doesn’t straighten out at all when I stand now. If I  go to the gym with weights around wrist or using a machine it straightens out. A really good feeling stretching that out with my personal Head Injury Physical Exercise. If you have a physical therapist to help you stretch, feel blessed because as years go on, it is up to me(you)  to keep flexible and strong   in ways I can nwith a Head Injury Physical Exercise program… Its tough getting to gym and pool all the time as time just int available. It takes longer to do things, even getting dressed in morning, remembering scheduled or even where its written down is time consuming ,

Sometimes I will say to my self ” What was I just doing”  and although older people may suffer from aging effects that may cause this, I was thinking this in my early twenties after the injury to my head and spinal cord.

So this holiday is like a gift from heaven. I added a vacation day so I have 5 day weekend. My body and my brain seem to thank me. The stretching out, movement in water, soothing feeling in jacuzzi, range of motion exercises stretching out muscles I don’t normally use, is awesome. [ My Head Injury Physical Exercise]

So I’m home also, cleaning a little as I just don’t have time, energy when I’m working now but its so important especially living alone to remove any clutter on the floor. I cant catch myself with my one side not working so well, so if I trip or slide on floor; I go down quickly ,

In the bath, I have extra bars (some are suction bars from Lowes hardware) and I cover the floor with rugs with rubber backing. Water on floor  or throw rugs with no backing can be like slipping on ice for me . (Word to the wise!)

In the rest of the place, I have to be careful  to leave things in the same place or out of the way, especially in the path I go when I either wake up or go to sleep.

Being tired , exemplifies the detrimental effects of muscle weakness, nerve damage, and to tell you the truth my brain activities too.

Sure others can hear my slurred speech when I’m tired and see my 1 arm moving towards a cradle position, or how my one side tightens up , my ankle gets to be like a 2×4 at times!

But I know my mind is slower at these times. I don’t advertise it or let people know exactly but its tougher to think at these times. The body-mind relationship is exaggerated in my condition, When my body is hurting my mind is too it seems, not always pain wise but on its functioning.  After my injury and rehab in my early twenties, I went through a college engineering program successfully so I have been evaluating the effects of this injury and what can be done with Head Injury Physical Exercise to minimize what can seem as debilitating effects. For instance, my one hand is baalling up too much to be useful at times.

But I just go back to using the same occupational and physical therapists exercises I learned back in my twenties. The need for them never goes away. Its just that most don’t have a couple hours a day or sometimes more to work on maintaining their health. So on holidays like this I don’t sit around barbecues  but rather I;m in the gym or at home. Yea it stinks …..

But it is such a relief and my ongoing Head Injury Physical Exercise  feels so good!