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Heads Up! Head Injuries or Hemi Paresis and Air Conditioning – The Family Friendly Poisonous Gas

  1. Living with hemiparesis for over two decades  almost  three has taught me through experience from living in the Northeast in a snowbelt to the sunny south that changes in temperature and especially freezing temperatures can  be extremely detrimental to safe movement for one and can even range to painful.

It doesnt have to be outside in the frozed tundra either. Even in what we with an injury as hemiparesis might consider a drastic change n temperature’ this can be delibitating. Outside right now it is in the 90s (F) inside 68.
My legs and arrms are stiff. some muscles feel as trained. I cant even think as good as normal.
I have a blanketr on too.
Air conditioning is like a poisonous gas to us!

OK that may seem extreme.

But I just cant explain to family or friends ior even co workers. It would be like a different language to some.

“How can you evn say that?”

But me I find myself over at the local health club in a hot spa or sauna as much as I can.

Being in upper 90s or even greater than 1oo means PAIN FREE to me. I CAN ALMOST HAVE COMPLET RANGE OF MOTION  in warm water or on an elevated temperature .



SURE HEAD INJURIES HAVE THESE EFECTS  – One common result of a brain injury is that our visual and auditory processing slows, making it harder to keep up with all the information coming into your senses.  but with ac its even worse!