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Brain Injury Survivor Common Visual and Auditory Issues and Online Exercises for Improvement


One common result of a brain injury is that our visual and auditory processing slows, making it harder to keep up with all the information coming into your senses. has a new Brain Injury Survivor module where  exercises help you retune and speed up your sensory processing using very basic elements of sight and sound.

I can tell you that they are effective yet seem simple.

The website has an incredible list of experts that help design brain online software     .

The site has a membership but there is are free games , exercises for trial too

It has been over 25 years since I was injured     by a gunshot in the head resulting in hemiparesis and the common Brain Injury Survivor symptoms.

It would of been so beneficial to have this technology available back when I was injured but it is still effective for me now after all these years
and I hope that my list can share this website for not only improving intelligence but for helping those with head trauma.

Check It Out

You can learn more about Brain HQ (headquarters)

and expert brain science technology, scroll to bottom of page, once at

Leon Edward

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