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Stroke Rehabilitation For Stroke Victims

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By Charles Cheow

The importance of rehabilitation for stroke victims can not be overemphasized as this is the key for a better life for the patient. Stroke rehabilitation is a process of helping a stroke victim regain the control of his faculties in as much normal a state as possible so he can return to what he normally does before the stroke and begins after the patient’s vital signs has stabilized 24 hours after stroke.

Studies show the sooner the patient’s rehabilitation begins, the bigger the chances of recovery. A concrete example of this is the difference of a patient brought to a stroke unit and of a patient brought to a regular hospital. More often than not, regular hospitals do not have the necessary precautions administered to the patient to decrease the effects of stroke. They also do not normally have a team of therapists on board to immediately provide therapy to the patient. This, in itself, creates a big difference in the chances of recovery of the patient.

The therapists available in stroke units would immediately go to the patients room and conduct treatment as soon as the patient has been brought out of the emergency room. Rehabilitation at this phase normally involves movement exercises which are designed to get the patient moving.

These exercises administered offhand by the physical therapist gives the patient the opportunity to relearn various activities such as walking, sitting, dressing, and eating, among others.

Stroke Rehabilitation also involves checking if the patient has difficulty in swallowing, speaking, and recalling memory through corresponding exercises as well such as memory games and puzzles.

The necessary treatments are then given quickly to addressed along with identifying the possibility of the patient suffering spatial neglect.

Paralysis is the most important factor requiring immediate treatment as the chances of recovery diminishes overtime when left untreated. The patient with paralysis is taught, for example, how to use the hand or leg not affected by stroke to compensate for the paralyzed body part.

Stroke rehabilitation is one of the major important changes the patient will undergo through that will become a part of the patient’s life for a certain period of time. As with any lifestyle changes, adapting to it is not an easy task. Rehabilitation also does not guarantee 100% recovery from disabilities caused by stroke.

According to specialists, 40% of stroke victims will suffer long-term impairment of moderate to severe level. A majority of improvements in the patient’s status will happen during the rehabilitation process. However, it will only attain a certain point and improvements can occur slowly afterward. Consistency and perseverance is then necessary to continue the stroke rehabilitation program.

The importance of stroke rehabilitation for stroke victims is gigantum–it could actually make or break a bright future for them. It is actually the reason why stroke rehabilitation must begin as soon as possible for the longer it takes for a patient to undergo treatment, the smaller the chance for recovery.

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