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Brain Repair and Neurofeedback – Hope For Traumatic Brain Injuries and Post Concussive Syndrome

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When most people think about a traumatic brain injury (TBI) it conjures images of someone lying near some scene of horrific carnage-blood and debris running and scattered about- a ragged body being carted off by paramedics. While tragic scenarios like this certainly occur each day, hundreds of thousands of men, women and children suffer a TBI that may appear to be little more than an innocent “bump on the noggin!”

Your skull is an incredibly effective protective casing for a gelatinous glob of goo that orchestrates everything that goes on in your life-your brain. The “hard shell around soft stuff” structure is adequate for many situations, however, one thing this design did not account for millions of years ago, was the rapid deceleration of a body that has been moving at 70 mph, that, in a few tenths of a second, comes to a complete STOP!

In fact, it didn’t account for this as 35 mph (a speed where a great many automobile accidents and TBI’s occur) When sudden stops like this do happen, the brain SLAMS into the bony structure that has evolved to protect it. As you might imagine, the brain was not put together with such an event in mind. Body language expert and author of The Productivity Epiphany, Vincent Harris was nearly beaten to death late one night in San Diego, California in the mid 90’s.Unconscious for several hours, it was obvious to physicians-and later to Vince-that he had sustained a serious head injury.

What Vince had never considered or been informed of, however, was that when he was knocked unconscious for a few seconds playing high school football, and had his “bell rung” repeatedly in the 40 plus street fights he was in as an out of control and angry teenager, was that he had suffered from a variety of brain injuries then in these instances as well. Brain injuries can occur from some seemingly insignificant events.

By clinical definition brain injuries are classified by placing them in one of three grades of severity.

Grade I: A concussion resulting in a short period of confusion (up to 15 minutes)
Grade II: Concussion that results in amnesia directly related to the confusion without loss of consciousness (lasting more than 15 minutes)
Grade III: Loss of consciousness with post-traumatic amnesia that lasts from 1- 24 hours.

As you can see, the first two classifications do not require the person to have lost consciousness. Almost every child that has boxed has, at some point, suffered from a Grade I brain injury. Suffice it to say that most people have no idea how easily TBI’s can, and do occur.

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Fortunately, those who have suffered a TBI usually respond powerfully and quickly to neurofeedback. If prior to the TBI, the patient had been high functioning, and not dealing with some of the other issues presented thus far in previous chapters, the available data suggest that patients may return to their pre-injury level of function in 10 neurofeedback sessions or less. If you have suffered a TBI and are experiencing symptoms that are related to your injury, you will want to call me for an appointment if you live in the area, or seek another highly skilled neurofeedback clinician, because significant progress is likely.

Case studies show that, among other things, patients are delightfully surprised to see a return of their short term memory, ability to organize, prioritize and sequence, and overall, get a sense of things being normal again, after the appropriate number of EEG biofeedback or neurofeedback sessions.

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Want to know more about the amazing world of Neurofeedback? Click on this link to go to Dr. Clare Albright is a psychologist and the author of a 168 page book, “Neurofeedback: Transforming Your Life with Brain Biofeedback” and can be reached at (949) 454-0996 The pdf version of the book is available there to download for only $7.99!

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When I think back to my own brain repair after my brain injury and chck the facts in my journal,
I cant believe how fortunate I was  in my brain repair. After a year out odf the wheelchair, I was walking with a quad cane and went back to school. I wanted to go into engineering and prove myself, prove that I had brain repair and could get back to where I was. Well not right from the strt. I started back with a math class in a summer session supposedly easier. It seemed easy, I simultabeously worked on brain repair. I used brainwave entrainment, tried self hypnosis, and of course eeg and neurofeedback. I certainly did not impress people with my genius but I made an A+ that summer and got into the engineering dept that fall. Brain repair continued as I went through grad school and then professionally. It never stops.