Be Careful in Shower – Your Life Depends On IT

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Let me start simply by saying that I had staples put in the back of my head in an emergency room on a holiday after a shower slip  when I should of been with relatives and friends enjoying the time. Think Safety in the shower.

My home shower  bath has a long and short bars plus a built in seat.  I actually have a walk in shower to avoid having to step in over the tub, very dangerous when tired or a wet surface. I use the shower bars with suction bars available at Lowes and many health care stores. I prefer the shower bars that are screwed in ones of course but in an apartment or traveling , you dont alweays have a choice.  I carry a small $20 portable shower bar when I travel. I still treat every second in shower as a potential slip . It is frightening when you lose control, even for a second and in the shower when you fall, you fall fast and hard. For example, on this holiday , I was visiting  and fell in someone elses bath room coming put of shower , bath. I did a complete back flip and landed on the back of my head. I was so ‘lucky’ I  was not home alone but that this happened where people were and called a rescue squad. Thus the staples from emergency room .

Shower Bar Safety

The portable suction cup bars are not as safe as the bolted in bars but having one or two in your travel bags can be life saving. I like to have 2 , even if motels or friends have a bar installed, it is not always within reach getting in and especially out of the shower or bath. Be careful installing suction cup bars as they need to be on flat tile or surfaces for maximum grab. One reason I have two is that I’ve reached out for a portable bar before only to have it come loose. A second bar can be grabbed then. Always try to keep your good side or better side near a bar. If you do have to close eyes for a second, keep a hand on a bar or shower head at that time. Holding on to a solid fixture . Always, always keep something solid to reach out for even if sitting.

I wanted to add that the bathroom door should not be locked when in .And keep rubber backed rugs or at least towels on floor(towels are not that safe, get tangled easily)  Wet bathroom floors, even a small section are like ice to us. My weak foot does not grip the floor So its just like plaxing a leg with all my weight onto a sheet of ice, if wey. Tiles can be the worst, ceramic too. New floors even ceramiic are now designed with textures or ‘grit’ are much better.
I thanked God that day for being around people that day who could call emergency.Use the shower chair too and the hose attachment. Sure , you may want to stand but believe me , its like ice when you loose balance in the shower.

Keep a cell nearby too, alert or walkie talkie. really

Books shower safely




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