Ankle Weights Exercise is Tough to do But Wow What Great Effects

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Dragging the foot may look bad but the danger for me is when you roll over the tor and fall forward.

It is a loss of control and can be pretty damaging. Unfortunately, over the years with the hemiparesis , its occured over and over. Most often when I wasd tired or cold. When I say cold, freezing when I was younger but as I aged, cold was of course relatively higher. I would start to tighten up when the sun went down or even if tems were under 50-60 defgrees F.

The ankle weight exercises first showed to me when in the hospital recovering from the gunshot injury turned out to be one of the best exercises for preventing the ‘leg drag, tripping over my own foot.’

Of course the #1 best exercise is being in the water!

waling in  the water, simlply moving legs arms back and forth, great! Eventually maybe some swim…

Watch the weight gain!

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