After the Coma, I Was Dropped!

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OK, It may have not been a real drop but after over a month, I woke up from my coma. ( I write this years later…)

I had awoken not able to use a muscle, However in the first few weeks after  I showed signs , as I was told , of improvement, ability to wiggle a finger on one hand. I was responding with blinking my eyes and turned my eyes toward a television.


They moved me from the hospital I was at to a highly regarded head trauma and spinal cord recovery special unit at the County Medical Center.

Note  , It was freezing as they took me in the ambulance from hospital to hospital.  I was well wrapped in blankets but my face was cold. I could of used a ski mask! (It was in upstate NYearly in Feb, COLD) and thats when I felt like they dropped me. Of course I was strapped in the gurney but going in the ambuilance m when the wheels hit the ground. It was shocking.

Hey EMTs, How about some better Shock Absorbers on those carts!

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