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Living With Brain Injury – Checklists for Families on Caregiving

Brain Injury Category >> By Marilyn Lash Living with a person who has a brain injury means that families now have multiple roles as caregivers as well as being a parent, spouse, sibling or child. These dual roles can be demanding, frustrating, confusing and exhausting. The routines at home must change as families learn how […]

Adaptive Clothing for Stroke Patients [Hemiparesis]

Adaptive Clothing By Karen Murray After having a stroke, one may experience hemiplegia or hemiparesis which causes weakness on one side of the body. As a result of this weakness, the stroke patient may have great difficulty with getting dressed. While in a rehabilitation center, stroke patients and caregivers may learn hemiplegic dressing techniques which […]

Tools to Help With Recovery For Brain Injury

Brain Injury and Music Category With both clinical and scientific research, it has been proven that there are benefits with music. It is one of the tools that has been discovered that help benefit those who have been victims of a brain injury. It helps to re-organize the structure of the brain. Music, such as […]

Concussions, Brain Injury and Personality Changes

Brain Injury Personality Changes Category Being aggressive, violent and unable to make good choices can be some of the changes in a survivor of brain injury or someone with repetitive concussions. They may also suffer from mood swings, mental rigidity, impulsive behavior, be apathetic, lethargic, are unable to show emotion, have no interests, be bored […]

How to Deal with Having a Stroke

Stroke causes brain damage. The extent of the injury depends on the type and the severity of the brain attack. In any case stroke recovery is hard – for stroke victims and for their relatives and close friends. By Keith Londrie   If you are living with someone who suffered from stroke, you should be […]

Traumatic Brain Injury Model Systems – Must Know Resources – The MSKTC works closely with researchers in the 16 Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Model Systems to develop resources for people living with traumatic brain injuries and their supporters. These evidence-based materials are available in a variety of platforms such as printable PDF documents, videos, and slideshows. – See more at: –  

PNF, Stroke Recovery, Spasticity and Hand therapy Physical Therapy Video

PNF Stroke Recovery Stroke Rehabilitation Hand therapy Physical Therapy. Videos of different patients educate proper rehabilitation exercises for people with stroke.

Brain Injury Survivor Common Visual and Auditory Issues and Online Exercises for Improvement

Hi, One common result of a brain injury is that our visual and auditory processing slows, making it harder to keep up with all the information coming into your senses. has a new Brain Injury Survivor module where  exercises help you retune and speed up your sensory processing using very basic elements of sight […]

Acquired Brain Injury – Six Types

Just hearing the words “brain injury” can be alarming and frightening for the person who has been injured and their family. Many people associate the words with mental retardation or mental illness. It is different. An acquired brain injury means that it occurred after the person’s birth. It can occur at any age. It does […]

Tips for Living Alone After Head Injury with Hemiparesis and Avoiding Falls and Injuries

#hemiparesis Living is difficult even when you have close family support or caretaker close by. However as we who have been injured in some way, or previously experienced head injury brain damage resulting in hemiparesis, as we age, or children grow up, spouses may move apart find ourselves living alone. After Head Injury The detrimental […]

Hemiplegia Treatment Bobath PNF Stroke Therapy and Physiotherapy Motor relearning

#hemiplegia #treatment #bobath PNF #stroke #therapy and #physiotherapy #motor #relearning. Video of different patients educate proper rehabilitation exercises for pe…

How To Position A Stroke Patient

Good positioning of the #stroke #patient is most important. This video covers the best way to #position a patient for rehabilitation and recovery.


#hemiparesis in after stroke patients. Hemiparesis effects leg function and arm muscles tone. Rehabilitation of Hemiparesis is usually continued at home with …

RT hemiplegia CVA 뇌경색환자 치료데모영상 – DMC Rehabilitation Exercise Associaton

DMC 재활운동학회 Dynamic Movement Control #rehabilitation #exercise Association DMC Rehabilitation Exercise Association.

Post-Stroke Exercises (Part 1: Upper Limb)

A physiotherapist explains safe #upper #limb #exercises for stroke patients. This Singapore health video is brought to you by SGH and SingHealth, the largest he…

Head Injury and Employment Workplace Communication – Insights Feelings Advice and Tips From Survivor

Fortunately for people with a head injury of various degrees, today there are more opportunities for employment. However, there still are issues that are both visible and many that are internal to the people with the head injury. Communication in the workplace is often one of the most valued skills among professionals while mis-communication can […]

Safety Concerns and Other Practical Issues when living alone with hemiparesis. or being left alone

Safety would be the primary concern of course when people with hemiparesis live alone or are alone for extended amounts of time. Of course your first references are your doctor, physical therapist and occupational therapists especially. This being stated, I can offer insights on some important items to consider in practical aspects of living alone […]

Hemiparesis – Facts and Information – Disabled World

Some Facts and information on causes, symptoms, from Brief Synopsis: Hemiparesis is a condition that is commonly caused by either stroke, head injury, illness or cerebral palsy. Hemiparesis is a condition that is commonly caused by either stroke or cerebral palsy, although it can also be caused by multiple sclerosis, TBI, brain tumors, and […]

Stroke Survivor Exercise Getting Dressed Video

Uploaded on Jul 5, 2010 I’ve added this clip to my exercise library thinking it may help some stroke survivors increase their independence by freeing them from needed help dressing themselves. Let me know what you think. Please check out my web Category Education

Leg Exercises for Stroke Patients

Leg Exercises for Stroke PatientsTry these leg exercises to help strengthen the legs after stroke.See Original Article

Stroke Patients With Hemiparesis Get Help From Rehab Device That Links Brain And Muscles – Health News – redOrbit

July 17, 2014Image Caption: A pneumatic actuator tendon hammer hits a person's wrist while a transcranial magnetic stimulator creates a weak signal in the brain's motor cortex. The responses overlap in the brain, produce and send a strong signal back to the arm, and the wrist moves. Stroke hemiparesis individuals are not able to move […]

Mirror Therapy Promotes Recovery From Severe Hemiparesis

MT early after stroke is a promising method to improve sensory and attentional deficits and to support motor recovery in a distal plegic limb… via Mirror Therapy Promotes Recovery From Severe Hemiparesis: A Randomized …

JNER | Full text | Rehabilitation of the hemiparetic gait by …

Rehabilitation of the hemiparetic gait by nociceptive withdrawal reflex-based functional electrical therapy: a randomized, single-blinded study. Erika Geraldina Spaich*, Niels Svaneborg, Helle Rovsing Møller Jørgensen and …